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“We cannot say enough about our stay at Malimbu Cliff. The house itself was incredible. Built into the hillside, the other half of the house was all windows facing the sea.  The rooms were spacious and well-appointed and beautifully decorated.  It even included a massage room which the staff helped us utilize with some of the best masseuses ever!  But the staff may have been perhaps even more incredible!  The staff was impeccable in every way.  They were polite, made us feel at home, were there for our every need but did not get in the way at all.  The love and care and skill that went into the meal preparation was enjoyed in some of the most amazing food we have ever had. We enjoyed sampling a couple local restaurants but nothing compared to what we we served at home.  The staff made it quite difficult to leave!  The views and location of Malimbu were stunning.  We woke every day to incredible views of Mount Agung in the backdrop and fishing boats coming in from a night of hard work.  It doesn’t get much better.  Beaches are a short drive away!”

Christine July 8, 2016